Grizzly Feeder

Big Dreamer range of Grizzly Feeders are state of the art Equipment manufactured as per International Standards using high quality raw material. The Feeder is designed to effectively and efficiently Feed Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Crushers. The Grizzly opening on the Feeder is completely adjustable. Un-wanted material is prevented from entering the Crusher, leading to many fold benefits of increased productivity as well as minimization of wear and tear of the Crusher components. Like all other reliable Big Dreamer equipment, liners are provided at all crucial area for extended up- time!

Big Dreamer Grizzly Feeders have proved their capabilities in many infrastructural projects. Big Dreamer Grizzly Feeders feature a state of the Art, Heavy Duty Shaft mechanism. The fully adjustable Shaft mechanism (angle of throw) ensures maximum productivity using minimum power. Use of four premium self aligning spherical bearings which are much larger than bearings used in any comparably sized Feeder amplify our focus on your up- time. The best feature of the Shaft mechanism is that it is completely oil lubricated.

The oil lubrication is automatic and does not need any human intervention. The continuous oil lubrication also helps at maintain lower bearing temperatures.

In all, it’s your Profit Machine!

Advantages of Big Dreamer Grizzly feeders

  • High Productivity
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Wear Plates at all critical areas
  • Fully adjustable angle of throw
  • Heavy Duty four Bearing, oil lubricated design
  • Robust Construction